Write my own paper

What size? Watermark? Color? A particular size. An exceptional finish. There are only four machines in the world that can make it.

Translucent paper? How are you going to use this paper? Deckled? Both have limitations. From small letterpress shops to large fashion houses It takes a village. Write my own paper. Textured or smooth? What weight? From large inkjet printer manufacturers to fine stationers. We offer worry free paper cutting to the size you need. See and feel the paper for yourself! Both have strengths. Embossed?

What is it made from? Trimmed? A fourdrinier machine will not produce the same paper as a cylinder mould machine. All have advantages and disadvantages. How much do you need? And we know where they are. Site by A specific application. What color? Because we’re not limited to any one mill, we select a mill partner to meet your needs (instead of trying to fit your needs into the capabilities of a particular mill. )All mills are not created equal. And we know where they are, too. Because of our buying power with our mills, our expertise in sourcing and experience creating papers we can almost certainly find the best fit and save you money (and headaches) in the process. Let’s get started making paper for you. What’s your budget? All paper machines will not produce the same results.

Something special, something new, something you can call your own. From world renowned artists to ad agencies Handmade paper? Handmade, Mouldmade, or Machine Made? There’s little you can ask for that would surprise us. We’re happy to provide you with recommendations, help solve any paper-related issues or help you design your own paper. Getting the exact size paper you need is a process that requires skill and experience to assure a quality cut every time. Finish? Letterpress Paper. An extraordinary color. What size will it be? Legion Paper believes that everything we create should satisfy an exacting standard of both quality and utility before being offered to you. In reaching this standard, we’ll work together so that your needs are carefully studied and reliably identified. Then we select one or more of our mills to work with to carefully design and manufacture to satisfy those needs. We know the capabilities of each and every one of our 65+ mills and know what can and cannot be done in the world of paper. Coated? And you need this when? Over the years, we’ve made hundreds of papers for seemingly every category of client. Grain direction? A singular weight.